Footprints that I leave and a spoonful to fill in my stomach.

Review Time for the Examination

This week is our second periodical examination, so we have to prepare an reviews for our students for them not to fail in the examination. I am also in the trying my very best that they would get a higher score. I am making sure that every item they would answer it correctly.

Anyways, there is no much pressure on my part. Because I am also the one who prepared for the test papers.

Saturdate with my Mahal

Just last night we were together and he pop up the news. ” I am on off tomorrow!!!” and my heart just jump with joy and got so excited with our first date on a Saturday. We only have time with each other during the weekends, because I worked in a far place. Then, there are also Saturdays that he have to render work for his company. It is just irritating but he can’t complain because he is just an employee in that company

So, today its our Saturdate with my mahal.. I love you mahal ko..

Cultural Presentation

The school were invited to present a cultural dance for the anniversary celebration of Infantry Batallion in our place. The students were informed and they showed eagerness and determination to present their hidden talents when it comes to cultural dance. One of the participants where trained to play fender g-dec 3 and luckily he is part of the presentation.

Then we are all ready and set for this celebration. Hoping that we would bring the bacon.

Dream come true..

Its been a while since I’ve dreamed of having someone in my life to share with.. Someone that I could say as my own. Well, it actually didn’t come as expected and not in the exact package as what I’ve prayed for. But God knows how much I’ve loved him from the start I’ve read his message. His the complete romantic and loving guy I’ve dreamed of. And I thank God for giving me such lovable and adorable man that a woman could ever asked for.