Footprints that I leave and a spoonful to fill in my stomach.

Hair Style of the Day

Hair is the crowning glory for the women. Just like my co – teacher who is having her chemotherapy, so now she is wearing hair wig every day. So in every other day she is having her new hair style.Then, now we saw here with her new hair style that would suit her mood and style womens wigs. Just the same, we saw her with another hair style. Now we tag her as the fashionista of the school.

It was an overwhelming success of our Food Handlers for the safety and sanitation of our school canteen. It is nice to see my students working hand and hand to achieve the success of our seminar. I am sure that they got lots of ideas and knowledge from our speakers who definitely shared their knowledge and skills to make our school canteen prosper.


Paper loan here and fill up of forms there for loans. That’s how teachers survive in this crazy life. Well, who in this world who have not applied for loan and not even in his/her entire life. I guess there is no one, coz even the richest men in the country they too have loans on their own. Well, considering about loan it is good to know if it is Money Back Guarantee. Another benefits that I would like to consider. Sometimes it is worthy to make your money under on guarantee terms.

Candy Crush Craze

Even if I know that this game is just cheating on me, still I continue to play this game and hoping that I would finish until the end. But seems there is no end for this game, so I spend most of my boring time playing this game, that would not even make me productive.

But now I dont have much time for this, I guess I have to budget my time now.