Footprints that I leave and a spoonful to fill in my stomach.

Candy Crush Craze

Even if I know that this game is just cheating on me, still I continue to play this game and hoping that I would finish until the end. But seems there is no end for this game, so I spend most of my boring time playing this game, that would not even make me productive.

But now I dont have much time for this, I guess I have to budget my time now.

Now that I am in this field of teaching, I expect that I would have seminars and trainings for the up coming months and years. But for now I would like to share my experience in the trainings that I’ve attended recently. I just notice it that when you are talkative and would share ideas, they would always choose you to be a leader or report. While the rest would just sit there and do nothing.


And that exactly what had happened to me, so I was given the task to do the presentation and I am a person that would not settle for “just fine” I would like to have the best for everything. And so here I am preparing my visual aides for the presentation and would like to have it this way.

Here at Ateneo De Davao University we have our trainings for this new curriculum which is the K to 12 Curriculum. This trainings will run for 5 fays each subjects. My subject area just ended and I am so tired for the rest 5 days training. Gosh, I cant believe it that I’ve survived the challenge.

Thanks to all and most the Almighty One who have given me strength to surpass this challenge.

Just today when I thought of renewing my driver’s license. I am glad that instead of having it done in the respective office, they referred me in one of their site office which is in the mall. It is really convenient for me to have it renew here. Because the atmosphere where not that hot and they are all accommodating.

After 2 hours of waiting, here it is the finished product of my license. Now, I can continue my driving skills and hope to develop it more.