Footprints that I leave and a spoonful to fill in my stomach.

Just today when I thought of renewing my driver’s license. I am glad that instead of having it done in the respective office, they referred me in one of their site office which is in the mall. It is really convenient for me to have it renew here. Because the atmosphere where not that hot and they are all accommodating.

After 2 hours of waiting, here it is the finished product of my license. Now, I can continue my driving skills and hope to develop it more.

Renewal Process

I was told by one of the drivers here in our area, that I could renew my drivers license in one of the mall. I am glad to hear it, because it would be convenient for me and also there are no more hassle in the place. So I get ready in order for me to be there in an early time.

When I arrived I am so excited to renew my license. But I was informed right away by the person incharge that they are no longer catering renewal because the machine where broken and it needs to be repair. Such a very unfortunate event, that it happened at this time that I am renewing my license.

Renewing my Drivers License

It’s been 3 years since I have my drivers license, now its about time to renew it. I just could not believe that I’ve been driving for 3 years but of course, its not really as frequent and continuous. It is just if I only have much time to drive. But then again, on my part it is a big achievement.

So, tomorrow I’ll be in government office that caters the renewal of my drivers license. I am happy to be given another 3 years of driving. Hoping that by this time I’ll improve my driving skills.

About to reach my Dreams

Another dream that I almost reach, I just have to do something and finish everything. I really can’t mention what and which dreams it is. But one thing I am sure, I’ve been asking for this and not just me but also my family. What ever success I would reap would not only for but also to my family. I dedicate this most especially to my son. Whom I know that I have taken for granted and maybe at one time thinking that I dont love him.

Moreover, God knows that how much I love and care for him. I maybe showing it in different way. But it would still boils down to one thing, which is loving so much our child in spite of everything.