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Today October 5, 2011 is a celebration for Teacher’s Day here in the Philippines. All of the schools here in the Philippines are celebrating the said event. This is the perfect time for the students to give thanks to their teachers who have taught them all the things they have not yet learned. This is also another way of showing how the students appreciate the effort given by the teacher. Of course, me as teacher also hoping that it would not end on this program alone.

Our school prepared a little program for us as Teacher, some students presented their talents from singing, dancing and reciting a poem. Others also showcase their drawings and other art crafts to show how they appreciate us. I am so teary eyed when I look at them, on how they appreciate our effort even if they are hard headed sometimes.

When the program is about to end some students gave us flowers and foods as their gifts for us. This time it made me cry, I did not expect this sweet gestures of them. I thought the program would just end on the presentation of their talents, I did not expect those gifts from my students and parents. Above all I am really surprised of those gifts. At then end, I am so thankful for my students and parents.

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  1. by beth, on October 16 2011 @ 9:03 AM


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  2. by ladyguinevere, on October 16 2011 @ 10:23 AM


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