Footprints that I leave and a spoonful to fill in my stomach.

Lonely Weekend

Its weekend and its midnight sale to every mall we have here. It’s really tempting and I really want to go there to check some stuff. However I just decided to stay home and spend the whole weekend in our house to do all the errands that need to be finished as well.
I am trying to enjoy my weekend in our house and getting busy as well to update and make over my blog that needs to be ready for monetization. It would help me a lot if once the advertisers will approve my blog. I know it’s not easy to go in, but I will try my luck with God’s grace and faith I know I can do it.

Anyways, once my blog will be approved I know there will be no midnight that I am not present. I am for sure that with their offering I can have more extra bucks to go on shopping and enjoy of chilling out in the mall every weekend.

In order for me to achieve what I am dreaming of here I am working hard to make it appealing to the advertisers. I hope in time all my effort will be worthy. I am crossing my fingers.

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