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Just recently my Korean students celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year, although they are not Chinese, they’ve still observed and celebrated the said event. Usually on this celebration their traditions is that if you are working and stable you should give money to little kids, take note it should be money not any kind of gifts.

One of my student where excited, because she will received big amount of money during the celebration. That’s why she needs to visit her grandparents, uncles and aunts house, for them to be obliged to give her money.

When we started I our class, I asked her how much money you have received during the Chinese New Year, she told me that all in all she accumulated around 500,000 Korean Won. That’s a big amount of money, and she told me that she is planning to get tablet computers which is useful for her studies. Because in the next school year she will be entering in her Junior High School, it would be new and exciting for her. That is why she needs to have this tablet computer.

She is now checking some computer stores which one offers the best with affordable price. Also include with repair guarantee and return warranty.

Heading to my school to attend the class, just in time the rain starts to drop. I have to get umbrella, but sad to say I dont have my own umbrella. I have to asked permission to my mother, that I will borrow her umbrella. Luckily, my mom wont go anywhere, so I could borrow her umbrella.

Now, that the rains stops… I am thinking of my umbrella before that was broken. When I could replace it, so that I wont be borrowing my mom’s umbrella and I wont be suffering from the heat of the sun, every time I went home. I just shrugged my shoulder and sigh, umbrellas now, are not that cheap anymore. The more expensive it is, the more its durable. I dont have any budget for it, although that is part of my priority list, still I could not allocate budget for it.

Now I just have to be contented in borrowing my mom’s umbrella. I just hope, she wont get tired of me borrowing her umbrella. Now that I dont have umbrella, I have to stand under the heat of the sun or the rain even without my umbrella.


Andre went for Educational Field Trip and just the same he brought with him the Cheese Sticks where he would sell it to his classmates.  We have agreed that the proceeds he is going to give it to me once he gets home, that’s what we used to. But this day it was different, instead of giving back the income to me. He used it to spend for his field trip, I am wondering why he decided to spent the money where in fact, I gave him his pocket money for the field trip.

He spent all the income from the Cheese Sticks that he sold to his classmates, I wanted to spank him. But I just controlled it, instead I told him he wont have allowance for 2 weeks as a punishment and at the same for us to regain the lost income.  All the income in the cheese sticks he need to return it all to me. He wont have share from the earnings we will have in the Cheese Sticks.

I made it all clear to him, good thing he agrees. I hope he could manage to sell the Cheese Sticks next time and hoping that he wont spend it to useless things. I made it clear to him, what’s the earnings for and where it should go. He just nod and agree with me.

Tomorrow will be the scheduled Educational Field Trip for my son. He is on 4th grade in Elementary in a private school. I am get to used that when its their field trip, they are not allowed to tugged along with their parents. But my son asked me to go with him, I am confused if we parents are allowed to go with them. He assured me that I can go with them, I would like to go with them, but I have to go to work I told him that. He just said ok, I dont know if what I did was right.

Anyways, we need to get ready his things for his Educational Field Trip. His concern is his food and snacks that he is going to take in the trip. We went to this convenience store near us, he grabs the snacks that he would like without the chips and junk foods because they are not allowed to bring such food inside the school

When we went home, we all packed his food and prepared 3 extra t shirts, with face towel and 2 extra underwear. We also did not forget the bottled water that he needed the most. He drank lots of water, so I prepared the 1 liter bottled water.