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Archives for the day Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

It’s been a mess last year and I really try my best to keep things organize and arranged. But after the New Year celebration seems I am back again in my Jungle world. Well, its not really a jungle its just a metaphor word of saying how messy my things are. With the visitors and guests coming, some of my cousins sons and daughters. Every thing really mess up, if there is 4 or more kids running around and getting some of your stuff and playing this and that. Ohh… just a headache.

I enjoyed kids, I love them seeing running around and playing some stuff. I really dont like after they left you with their mess, I just hope their moms would be sensitive enough to help me out. But sad to say, they also need to take care of their kids, so I was just left alone with this mess and disorganize things.

To start with my bookshelves looks like hit by a tornado, kids loves story books and they just found it out in my bookshelves. Getting one book would not satisfy them, they would really check all the books they can see and check if there is another unusual pictures or something that interest them. All my books where out in the shelves and its all scattered everywhere.

Next my art box, its pretty obvious why it is in disorder. I just could not deny it they love art work, drawing crayons, paste and cutting. All my crayons, color pens, painting color and brushes, including my art paper, scissors and glue where all out and its all scattered on the floor.

Last my bed, since I put lots of stuff toys on my bed with different cartoon characters. They enjoyed hugging them and putting somewhere else they like. They feels that the stuff toys are also their playmates.

I’d better start to run around and arranged what ever I can arrange now. This mess should be organize right away before my class starts. Once the school opens I no longer have enough time to do it.