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Archives for the day Thursday, January 5th, 2012

First week and first month of the Year 2012. A first time winner of First Prize in a Blogging Contest that was given by Nita Thomas.  A lot of first time for this Year 2012, I did not expect that as early as this January I will be blessed with so much blessings. I just hope that this luck that brings the water dragon would continue until the year 2012 ends.

The fabulous prizes I will received by winning the First Prize are the following:

$60.00 courtesy from various sponsors

125×125 ads

Text links

EC Credits

Digital Scrapbooking Suite


What more can you ask for? I am happy for winning this fabulous prizes. That is why I am bragging about it, because of this I’ll be more motivated to join to any giveaways and blog contest that I will see online.

Just the same, I have a feeling that this will really bring luck to me. I am still crossing my fingers to that. So all of you, who are planning to have a blog contest or giveaways expect me to be in your list. That’s if I know your contest.

Lastly, all these things would not happen with our Almighty God. Thank you so much Lord for the continuous blessings.