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PUK in the CP screen

“Enter PUK pin”

How would you resolve it, if that is the message in the screen of your phone. Here in our country we have this sim card that makes our phone works and when we bought the sim cards, it comes along a thick card that inputs all the information the pin and the PUK pin. In the normal phase of life, we just throw it or ignore that thick card. We dont keep it once we have the sim card punt on our mobile phone.

After my son played with the mobile phone, on the screen it appears “Enter PUK pin, “ now we are totally lost on where to find that thick card where all the information was written. I keep on interrogating my son, on what he did on the phone. He would not admit anything, he just said that he was just playing with the phone. I dont know if I would believe him, but its really impossible if he is just playing with the phone why would this message would appear. Now the phone is isn’t working anymore. We could not do anything on it.

I would like to punish my son, but there is nothing I could do. Even if I will punish him, I just talked to him seriously and hope he understands the message.