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PUK issue resolve

In my previous post, I have mentioned that the phone of my dad’s got a message enter PUK pin. After my son played and do something on my dad’s phone. My dad’s so mad and really irate at that time, so I offered to bring it in the telephone company and let them fix it. My offer made my dad a little bit relaxed, he is really irritated because he doesn’t have time to go to the company and complain.

Going in the telephone company is not really easy for me, because I have to take 2 rides and its really out of my way. I worked in northern part while this company is located in the southern downtown part. Nevertheless I have to travel for 2 hrs just to get here, and let them fix my dad’s phone or else my son will be in trouble again.

When I entered in the company, the guy give me a priority number and I sit down and waited in the lounge. After few minutes they called my number, the guy is nice to attend to my queries and most of all. He fixed my dad’s phone without any hassle. After that, messages where coming in and calls, I am so ashamed because the ringing tone my dad’s phone is so loud and the people where looking at me. I have to turn it off right away.

Nice feeling if you have achieved something good in your everyday life. Thank’s God