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Archives for the day Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Today I dont have any lesson plan for my K2 and Nursery students. The teacher got lazy and I am so occupied with my priorities which is my review study for my upcoming examination. I resolve to puzzle game, even though I didn’t prepare any lesson, I still have things to do and I am sure the kids will love it and they will learn to think and analyze.

In short this game is aim to make my students used their cognitive skills which is to analyze and think. It also aim to make fun and love the team work with their classmates. I cant wait to introduce this puzzle game to my students, I am sure they will love it.

When I entered in the classroom and we began the usual greetings and exercise. After the dancing and singing or Nursery Rhymes, I immediately showed it to them what I have in my hands. They all yell and shouted, “Sponge Bob”, they would like to hold it first and check what is it.

Before I start the game I made sure that I set the rules first and let them understand that they need to follow the rules. They all agree and they all begun scrambling the puzzle and helping each other to complete the puzzle and of course the one who finish it first will receive a prize.