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Archives for the day Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Today I introduce another nursery rhymes to my students. It feels so boring if we keep on singing the same nursery songs over and over again. I saw from my students that they no longer interested to sing with it nor do the actions. With this emergency cases, good thing I have reserve nursery songs from my mobile phone. I am a person who sings out of tune, so I need a guide and that’s the song itself.

I put out my phone and plugged it the speaker, there we go we have a new nursery rhymes. The song goes out like this:


My toe bone is connected to my ankle bone,

My ankle bone is connected to my knee bone,

My knee bone is connected to my hip bone

Just like you and me…

Dooboo Dooboo Dooboo My bone

Dooboo Dooboo Dooboo your bone

Just like you and me…


After singing it and giving some actions on it, they all love it and they want to sing it more. We sing it and sing it and its just 1 day they already memorize the song and they even made their own funny movements.

Over all, I am so thankful to the speaker who introduce this song when I attended a seminar for expressive therapy. It added to my list of nursery rhymes.