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Archives for the day Friday, February 10th, 2012

Things are just everywhere in our room and in our living room, even in our study room, I can see my son’s things. It’s no longer right, that he puts his books, pencils, bags and other school things anywhere in the house. It makes our house looks like a jungle. things are not arranged the way it should be and where it should be. I would like to avoid this habit and I want to correct my son’s manner when it comes to his things. I want him to be careful and take care of his things, I would like him to know the sense of responsibility not only to himself but also this things.

My dad told me that he would buy the storage cabinets that he saw from a garage sale, with the use of the cabinets we can now lessen the scattered things in our house. It would also helps my son arrange his things and he would know where to put this and that. I really like the idea of my dad, so I did not hesitate to agree with him.

By next week I’ll have the command to train my son to be responsible and learn to care his things. I am glad and I like the feeling that I am training my son to be good and responsible man. I hope he will be obey and follow me.