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Things go out of Hand…

I am scheduled to take my leave of absence by February 13, 2012 Monday. To give way to my studies and for me to concentrate on reviewing and studying more, that’s our plan. But when the days go by, she (the admin) give conditions that I can only take my leave of absence if I will submit the Descriptive Report of my graduate students and a Narrative Report for my candidate of First Honor. Since I have ample time to prepare all the required reports prior to my leave. I have to double my time and stretch all the necessary things for it to be done on the given date. I gave all what she needed, black and white with a photocopies of everything.

Now I am ready to take my leave and I am ready to turn over all the books and lessons to the teacher who will handle my class. Here she is demanding a Narrative Report of my students when they are K1, for her to assess the development of my students from K1 to K2, I told her, that I am not the one handled them when they are K1, you can asked the narrative report from their teacher which is my co – teacher. She commanded me to ask for it before I could take my leave or else I will not take my leave.

I was shocked and irritated, I reasoned out and explained the matter that I already provided everything what she needed and now that I am about to turn over everything, asking me reports that I am not the one in charge, why I should be the one suffering? She said if you wont comply you will not take your leave. I just could not take this anymore, so I told her if I wont take my leave then I’ll submit my resignation, effective today.

She was quite and I guess she is thinking, now at least I made her brain think. I no longer like what she is doing in our school. Even if she is the boss, I dont like the way she manipulates people and employees. I dont mind leaving the school, I have my priorities and she knows that, if she will hinders it, she knows that will happen next.