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Happy Love Day!

On a Valentine’s Day I planned not to go out, I wanted to just stay home and wont mingle with others who are happy in love. In short I dont want to see women holding flowers, because I dont have mine, I dont want to see lovers who are walking holding hands, because I am loveless and lonely. I dont have anything against being in love, its just that I envy them because I dont have any for quite a long time. So sad that I am loveless and its been a long time I had a date on Valentine’s Day.

Then now, I have to be out in the house and have to attend to this review class on a Valentine’s Day. I dont have any reason to stay home and not to be out. Now I have to go out and witness the celebration on lover’s delight in every corner. If I have to close my eyes, I have done it just to ignore and not see how happy they are and I am sad. myspace graphic comments
So I have to be contented on doing this things, posting happy thoughts and wish I could have given this messages to this someone. myspace graphic comments
I still have next year to work this out, and hope next year I wont be like this anymore. I will be happy and in love. myspace graphic comments
Happy Love Day to all… may you have love one to celebrate it with you. It may not be a lover or a husband or a boyfriend, but at least someone that you have this Valentine’s Day.