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Archives for the day Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Getting Up and High PR 1

I am surprised when I checked my PR status right now, this blog just earned from google a new PR which is getting higher from PR 0 to PR 1. I am so much happy when I found it out, I just could not believe, but after all the hardships and blog hoppings here’s what I have now.

Now I am more motivated to do my online tasks, but I have to slow down for a while and need to set my priorities. You may dont see me here most often but I will keep on checking every now and then. Then I would also make sure that I will update this blog most often as I am monetizing it right now.

Above all I am so much happy with the results, now I can see more opportunities to earn and more money to save. As I would also take my leave of absence and for that I wont have any salary for 1 month. This new PR update is really on the right time for me to kick my ass in doing my blog more exciting and interesting.