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As a Single Mom…

As a single mother to my 10 yrs old son,  is not an easy task to do, its only me and myself and I that I can depend and there is nothing else. Plus you need to work in order to supply the need of your family. When it comes to being career single mother and a working mom, the two most important element that we need to consider is being flexible and time  that we spent with our family and work .  Plus we also need to consider our salary that we are earning. In order for you to attend the activities of your kid then at the same time work for you to earn, you really need a lot of effort to be flexible.

 According to Department of Labor that about 69% of all single mother are working. It shows an indication of decline in our economy. We cant deny that most single mother has a competing interest, have more problems to handle, and must balance between work and family. Often some companies would trigger this as hindrance in hiring a single mother. However I would like to stress this to all companies that they also need to justify and evaluate more. Because they might never know that being a single mother is not really a liability to the company but more of an assets as well.