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All the time Hand Bag

I’ve been using this hand bag that a friend of mine gave it to me when I am still working in Manila. She has lots of bags and some of it she is willing to dispose it by throwing or giving it to her friends. Just my luck, I am one of her friends and she let me choose to get 2 bags. Its been 3 yrs now, but still I have not buy a new bag for myself that would suited to my lifestyles and needs.

Hand bag is no longer enough for me, because I have lots of stuff that I need to put inside. Like the pencil case, the make up kit, the umbrella, school documents and other teaching material that I need to bring it from time to time. I look for something more bigly and have a wider space that I can put all my things. Looking for this western handbags I have now an idea of how my bag look like. I am very sure that it will suit and fitted to my lifestyle being a teacher. Now all I have to do is just, look around if it’s available here in our hometown. Good luck for me, I hope I will find this bag that I am looking for.