Footprints that I leave and a spoonful to fill in my stomach.

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Foods for the hungry

We eat foods for us to fill in our hungry stomach. It is also the source of our energy why we are still alive. But for my son, it is his way to retaliate to us. Last night, we reprimanded him because of his bad attitude, he shows no respect and want us to follow him instead of him following us. Because of that, we have some words for him, words not to put him down. But words for him to think over and over again.

After that talk, after all what we have said to him for him to realize that is not good to show bad attitude to us and to anybody else. When we get ready the table for us to eat our dinner. He immediately proclaimed that he is not going to eat, he dont want to eat, and he doesn’t have any appetite to eat. As a mother, I was so shocked of how my son acted, I thought everything is clear. I thought he understood why we did that to him, here he is acting like a child again, being egocentric.

I just calm down and think of how should I make him eat. Because of my bright ideas, I still made him eat dinner. As the study of child development I thought egocentrism would be eliminated as they get older. At the age of my son, he is on the process of getting out of it, but it shows he is not. He still shows his egocentric attitude towards us and to his friend, with this I am worried of my son isĀ  a late bloomer or what.