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K+ 12 Basic Education Program

Here in our country Philippines, we will have a new program for our basic education. It is the additional of two more years for the high school level. Even though it was not implemented yet, a lot of dispute where coming in from the side of the parents and the teachers as well. We knew that the aim of our education ministry is for them to provide an excellence in education, and they think adding another more years to basic education is the solution to have an excellence education.

Disputes coming from the parents, it would be another burden for them to send their child/children in the school, additional payment and expenses for them to have basic education. And for the side of the teachers, it would be a big burden, because they don’t have enough classrooms to handle another 2 years set of students, there is no enough teachers to handle these students. It looks like the teachers would do all these things all at the same time.

As a parent, in my point of view of this new education program, I have again to sacrifice for my son’s education and as early as now, I have to find means of way for us to survive. Now I am looking for an educational loan, wherein I could make loan and have to pay them in an installment basis. There is nothing to argue with the government but to go along with it, and its for me to find ways for us to survive.