Footprints that I leave and a spoonful to fill in my stomach.

Archives for March, 2012

Cover me with your love

Love is the most splendor things, its everywhere and you can find it anywhere. However its not given easily nor you cant have it that easy. It maybe available anywhere but it takes time for you to have it. Others find it that easy but others take time for them to have it, just like me I’ve been searching long time ago, but up to this time I am still not successful to have it.

Would you like to be someone will cover you with their love? I would be so much grateful if someone would be willing to offer such things. Just like the sun if its shines brightly we need curtains to cover us from its heat and I found this elegant roman shades that makes me comfortable while the sun is up there shines so brightly. Because it hinders the rays of the sun to enter in my room while I am still sleeping. Even in our living room, it makes the people around comfortable because they can still sit down near the window without experiencing the heat of the sun.

I would not wonder why, people love the curtains, because it covers them from the heat of the sun. Even the simple curtain it is willing give their love for you to be all covered if the sun is up there shining so brightly.


Where are you my dearest?

Got a lovely pair of earrings, I got it long time ago. I bought this pair of earrings as a gift for myself. The design is not that extravagant, its just a silver one that looks like a pearl. It may have a simple design but I love it, because it got an elegant and simple looks for me. That is why I love this earrings.

But today while I am doing my daily household chores when I scratch my ears, I find out that its no longer there. When I checked the other ears my earrings still there. But the other pair is missing, ohh I dont know where to begin in searching for it.  Because of this incident it really make me sad, for I know that earrings will give me an elegant looks may it be formal or casual get up.

Now I am crossing my fingers, that its just somewhere around in our house. I hope it was not put in the trash while I am cleaning our house.

Discount Coupons as a Gift

Do you know that the discount coupons, you can also give it as a gift? Have you received a gift that is a discount coupon? Well my mom got discount coupons as a gift for her last Christmas and she still hasn’t used it. I don’t know why she still didn’t use it. When I asked my mom about it, she totally forgot about the discount coupons. Because she just inserted it in her planner, and never mind in checking it.

Since I remind her about the discount coupons, she just let me used the macmall coupons and buy things I want to buy in a discounted price. I am so happy about it, because finally I can buy now the things I want not just what I want but most especially my needs, like the bags and shoes. It’s been more than 2 yrs since I bought a pair of shoes and bags. I guess, this is the right time for me to buy things for myself.

I immediately headed to the mall and checked if they would accept the coupons, luckily they accept it. Then I start my shopping and hoola got the best deal in town. I am so much happy of what I got.

Its summer once again, the sun is really up there all shining brightly that you could almost feel the hit in your skin. Umbrellas and sun block is really a must for this summer one, but its also cold on the night time, because on sunset time, the rain starts to drop. Well, no more question to ask as to why it’s a lonely night, another loneliness that need to deal and face with, I guess I have to get used to it.

Gone with the wind, saying good bye and bid farewell so sad. Another one saying goodbye, its really painful that you are always left behind. You wanted to be ahead of them, but there you are always a looser. All I could do it just cry, once the night is there and darkness just envelope my entire room. A sound of crying and tears just fell down, it crashed my heart but this is my way to let out the pain. Too bad, I am crying again, too bad for the nth time I am a looser again.