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Argument over Online Tutor

Just this morning I have a little argument over this online English teaching for Korean students. The situation is I can no longer accept another student for my class, because the time slot is already taken by another student. The problem is I am the one who did the trial class but the student late in enrolling in my class. Since I dont know if he will enroll in my class or not, so I accept another student to take in the class time. I am thinking since she is the first one who enrolled in my class I should give priority to her, not to the other students who I dont have any idea if they will enroll or not.

Its so frustrating just because someone could not understand about the real stand of first come first serve. I was insulted just because I did not wait for another student. My question is why I should wait? if they want to enroll, they should have do it right away. I just feel that I am so important that students are fighting over this time slot. But since no one would like to give in, I feel that I should give priority to the one who comes first. But she could not take it, she dont want me to give priority to another students. I should only give priority to her students. Which is very unfair, because if I get my own student I’ll be getting the payment in full, unlike her I only get 40% from what they pay and she wanted me to give priority to her students. This is so unfair and unjust, but she will not realize it because she insist that she right.