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Harry Potter in 3D

My son and I never had an experience in 3D. Both of us were very eager to experience the 3D, but we dont have enough money to buy tickets on 3D. But I promised to him that we will experience it one of this day. Since its 3D, I would prefer a movie that is more on the effects in the cinematography, not just any ordinary movie. When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 the final is shown in our hometown, we did not miss any chance of seeing it in 3D. Although the ticket were really expensive both of us save money for us to see the movie in 3D. I am so glad that my son contributed a little when we saw it in 3D.

I am not going to talk about the movie and just so you know, I am not a movie critique. I just want to share the experience of 3D, it may sound shallow and non-sense but for me itsĀ  a big thing in unlocking the innocent mind of my son. As a mother I dont want my son to be ignorance in anything, at his early age I already let him drink alcohol and thank God he dont like it so hopefully he wont like it forever.


When we are watching and when we had to put on the 3D glasses the experience its not that comfortable at first. Because its different from the usual. I feel some headache a little but on the long run its gone. My son keeps on talking that its different that it looks like magical because the effects where so near to us. It seems that he could just catch it by his hands. We are just laughing and I can see the innocence in my son. I am so happy that he experienced the 3D at least he wont be ignorant about this technology.