Why Bangkok’s Siam Hotel is a must stay

The Siam is built right on the edge of the historic center of Bangkok, allowing simple access to the city’s most amazing temples and museums. Moreover, guests can travel to any place of their choice around the city if they can hop on the hotel’s river boat. I do want to mention that the hotel sits far from all the downtown shopping and nightlife, however it is perfect for the sightseeing lovers.

Built by renowned hotel expert Bill Bensley, The Siam offers plenty of beauty and class. Silent marble corridors circle a central courtyard under glass with stunning vegetation and amazing natural light. On the other hand, the rooms are furnished with a brilliant antiques collection, which features an awe-inspiring Buddha statue dating back to the 16th century.

In terms of service, the Siam hotel is just perfect. Along with the 23 meter-long pool and the stunning Opium Spa, the hotel offers a huge variety of other experiences. Want to enjoy some yoga, meditation, Muay Thai boxing sessions? Well, head straight in. Also, there is this amazing gym occasionally used by members of Thailand’s royal family, a library and a movie theater.

The hotel asks its guests to explore the neighborhood assisted by staff workers. A sunset cruise on a traditional rice barge, if so desired with a private dinner, is another exclusive highlight.
Amazingly, guests can also receive a ‘sak yant’ here. Wondering what that is? Well, its a sacred Thai tattoo, steeped in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Dont worry, it wont change who you worship.

The 28 standard rooms are not rooms. Id refer to them as huge suites with high wooden ceilings, massive beds and large bathrooms with fashionable tubs. Vintage artwork and 19th- and early 20th-century documents and photographs decorate the walls, complemented by gloomy dark wood furniture and giant bronze ceiling fans. Trust me, this design creates a truly awe-inspiring ambiance.

For the modern lovers, there is no shortage of modern amenities either. Youb will get a nice little smartphone that provides the latest info on how life in Bangkok is going. You also receive free international and local calls balance along with unlimited 4G data.

Lets move to the food part of this review. The vintage Chon Restaurant provides a stunning classic Thai haute cuisine by the banks of the Chao Praya. I personally loved the pomelo prawn salad. On the other hand, Deco Bar and Bistro offers a wide variety of Western dishes.

Do not forget to try their excellent slow-cooked lamb shank with truffle mashed potatoes. Tha Nam Siam, a nine course Thai tasting menu, is served on the pier (according to weather), which is also one of the finest thai locations for a pre-dinner cocktail.

In terms of pricing, Double rooms start from 14,000 baht (£320) in low season and around 16,700 baht (£381) in high. Basic services like breakfast, butler, smart phone, Wi-Fi and use of the hotel river are included.

Access for guests with disabilities is also there. The hotel has ramps, special toilets and lifts making rooms accessible by wheelchair, though not the villas.

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